Based out of San Diego 100% made & sourced in Peru for the free spirit in you 

Our Mission:

Producing in small batches to ensure ethical treatment of our manufactures, to source from Peruvian vendor's and keep healthy fair business alive in the fashion community in Peru.  It is my personal goal to give back to the country that has shaped and influenced me.                                                                                                

My Story: 

 In 1995 brand owner Stephanie Rosa Duran traveled to Peru for the first time at the age of three.  She is the first generation of her family, the daughter of two Peruvian parents. It was that year Stephanie was shown the beauty of her native country.  Her father from a tiny pueblo, named Chiquian, in the Ancash region showed her culture and landscapes, in that first trip to his pueblo by exploring the waterfalls and riding horses.  Every year since then she would travel for a month, visiting different areas of the country, from Machu Pichu, to the beaches in Tumbes, to the sand dunes of Ica. She was forever inspired.

Who She is:  

The Rosa Libre girl is not afraid to stand out, she is not afraid of print, bold colors, but most importantly she is always well put together. She is not afraid to try new things and appreciates music and the arts. Comfort is key to her aesthetic as she never knows when she might hear one of her jams come on and need to boogie.  She is well-traveled and always planning on what country or festival will be her next stop.

*~*Peru is special with the many landscapes it has to offer including the Andes mountains, the Amazon, the desert, and the beautiful pacific shoreline, all sources of inspiration for Rosa Libre *~*